Our main type of fishing is for Pollock, Cod, Ling, Bass, Gurnard, Conger, Bream, Wrasse, skerries for Plaice, Ray, Dabs and more. 
Fishing over wrecks, rough ground and reefs.
Tackle - 12 to 20 lb. class rod with matching multiplier reel filled with 20lb line.
A 12lb rod maximum for the skerries with 10lb line.
End Gear - jelly worms, lures, or any type of artificial type soft plastic lures.  All with a flying trace with a 3 way swivel 8oz weight.
8/0 to 12/0 conger hooks on a 200lb plus mono 18 inches long with 1&1/2 to 2lb leads.
Bait - mackerel and squid for wrecking.
Crab worm and shellfish i.e. razor for the skerries