Step aboard Our Joe - L with Skipper Shaun for the one and only Fisherman's Experience.  Board at any one of TorBay's Harbours and head out to sea. Rod and line fish for species including Mackerel, Whiting, Pollock, Wrasse, Gurnard, Bass & Bream depending on season and trip duration. Experience traditional fishing methods like hauling and rebating lobster pots to see how the uk's shellfish is caught. Expect to see Brown Crab, Lobster, Spider Crab (Torbay King Crab), Velvet Swimming Crab, or even a CrayFish if we're lucky!  Navigate the shoreline that's been fished for centuries. 

Don't think you'll make much of a fisherman? simply keep a look out for Dolphins, Seals and Seabirds!  Afloat is the best way to spot wildlife.  Step ashore from the boat in a different harbour to boarding, like a true seafarer and travel by fishing boat, saving your bus fare. 

Charter prices only for up to 10 passengers, no per person bookings available. 

For more info on THE FISHERMAN'S EXPERIENCE please contact us

07876623054     or enquire below. 

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